We can make sure that your business is protected, no matter the industry.


Manufacturing environments pose the greatest potential for injury or bodily harm than perhaps any other common profession.

Jackson is one of the top manufacturing cities in all of Michigan. With over 20 manufacturing companies based here, and thousands of employees, making sure that you and your employees are covered should be of top priority.

Manufacturing isn't just limited to one type of product. Whether you are Food & Beverage, Print & Publishing, Metal or Plastic, Barker Weber will get you the perfect policy for your business.

Professional Services

Protecting your office employees, your own employment, and office products/equipment are some of the major areas that should be secured with your office insurance policy.

Additional coverage areas via building insurance, such as fire, smoke, wind, hail, lightning and vandalism are also viable options with a complete insurance policy from Barker Weber.


The profession that never sleeps in the state of Michigan. There are dozens of different types of contractors and they all should have quality coverage on the job site. Some of the more popular coverage types for contractors can be:

  • Builders risk
  • General Risk
  • Professional Liability
  • Property
  • Workers Comp.

Contractors do some of the most important work of all professions. The unique risks they take on a day-to-day basis requires special attention to the coverage plans and policies available to them.


In addition to being a house of worship a church is oftentimes a place for community events, children functions, and educational courses.

Being involved in hosting more events and functions also increases the variables that a church is ultimately responsible for.

Church insurance can help make sure your congregants, visitors and assets are fully protected. Church insurance is available to religious institutions and is a specialized package of insurance coverages that are specifically designed for houses of worship.